Controlling exposures to prevent occupational lung disease in industry

Breathe Freely in Construction



Behind this initiative is the belief that construction employers have a key role in minimising health risks. We are therefore working with the support of the Health and Safety Executive [HSE], and a number of national and international construction organisations, and through their influence, endorsement, promotion and action, will have an impact on raising awareness of the issues, sharing best practice and providing solutions to construction companies of all sizes.


As the UK’s only non-profit organisation committed to improving work-related health in the construction industry, CBH is proud to be a supportive partner of the Breathe Freely campaign.

We believe that timely action is required to educate, advise and mobilise action on reducing the alarming risks of contracting lung disease and related occupational cancers in the construction industry.  Campaigns like this highlight the continuing need to value of our construction workforce.  Sharing knowledge and action gives us the power to safeguard workers’ wellbeing where ignorance might otherwise damage it permanently.



Land Securities is the UK’s largest commercial property company, owning and managing more than 25 million sq ft of property.  As a Breathe Freely Partner, the company is fully behind the aim to prevent occupational lung disease in the construction industry, and committed to raising awareness of Worker Health Protection and exposure control, by sharing best practice and raising standards. 

“Behind this initiative is the belief that construction employers have a key role to play in minimising health risks, through better understanding of the issues, advocacy, effective leadership and implementation of proper exposure control programmes. These people are our clients and contractors, and through our influence and their support, all together we can raise the bar.”

Clive Johnson, Group Head of Health & Safety, Land Securities

Mace is an international consultancy and construction company, offering integrated services across the full property and infrastructure life cycle.  We are proud to be a partner of the Breathe Freely campaign and are fully committed to building a culture where preventing ill-health becomes as second nature to us as safety.

The health and safety of our people and our projects comes first and we are challenging ourselves and our partners to create and maintain world-leading safe and healthy workplaces. This campaign highlights the journey that the industry is on and we’re honoured to be a part of it.

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We are grateful to our sponsors, whose funding and support enables us to develop and deliver materials and events for the construction industry.


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RVT Group is dedicated to protecting people’s health on site with temporary-environment control.
We understand the pressure on site to get the work done and yet protect everyone with effective control of dust, fumes, noise, and air quality.


We provide specialist equipment, to control on-site health hazards and maintain a productive work environment. We offer a free site survey to every project to ensure that control is targeted and effective.



ASDA are one of the biggest retailers in UK and carry out 100s of construction projects per year in live stores. We are delighted to support the Breathe Freely campaign as it is a key element of our strategy to raise awareness of the causes of work-related ill health and disease and act to prevent or reduce exposures. ASDAs main focus is to protect our supply chain contractors, customers and retail colleagues by promoting health & safety good practice with focus on managing health and  'wellbeing' matters across the retail sector.




Balfour Beatty is committed to Zero Harm - no injury or ill health caused by our work activities.

To make the biggest difference and leave the right legacy for future generations we are working with partners across the industry and beyond to ensure health is treated with the same importance as safety. Our industry has a lot more to do to tackle occupational disease and ill health - with respiratory diseases one of the biggest threats.

We are proud to support the Breathe Freely initiative to help raise awareness of the challenge and the action required and to work alongside BOHS and other members of the Health in Construction Leadership Group to take, and promote, industry-wide action to eliminate occupational ill health and respiratory disease.



Heather Bryant, Health, Safety, Environment and Sustainability Director, Balfour Beatty




The Health in Construction Leadership Group's (HCLG) overall vision is that by 2025, construction is a leading industry for occupational health, wellbeing and disease prevention. Its mission is to unite the construction industry in eradicating ill health and disease caused by exposure to health hazards.

Construction workers are at high risk of exposure to hazards which can cause respiratory disease, which is one of HCLG's current areas of focus. As such we are are delighted to work with BOHS and support the Breathe Freely campaign, which provides free resources to help construction industry employers to better control respiratory hazards on sites.



Weetabix Food Company are fully supportive of the Breathe Freely Campaign and protecting the health and wellbeing of all our employees and visitors.

BOHS kindly delivered an informative presentation to our contractors in August 2015.  We strongly promote health and wellbeing to our employees and deliver companywide Health Surveillance.  We also encourage all of our contractors to deliver Health Surveillance to their employees.

Weetabix employs a full time Principal Designer (PD) and Principal Contractor (PC) under CDM 2015 and we include health and wellbeing into our construction design and implementation.  The PD ensures that health and safety is considered during the planning stage of the project, including identifying and eliminating health and safety risks.  The PC ensures that health risks are identified and recommended control measures are included into the Construction Phase Plans, Risk Assessments and site inductions.  All employees and contractors are face fit tested when tight fitting RPE is required to be worn for the task.

The Breathe Freely Campaign supports Weetabix Food Company in ensuring our employees and visitors to return home safely and not harmed from occupational health disease.  In order to achieve Zero Harm, we must continue to provide information, training, supervision and work together with our workforce.

Allan Ridoutt, Group Health and Safety of Capital, CES & FM / CDM CELL



This is an important and welcome initiative. Lung disorders, ranging from lung cancer, through to asthma, mesothelioma and COPD are all preventable and much more must be done to prevent exposure.


Hugh Robertson, Senior health and safety policy officer


RVT Group provides temporary air quality and environmental control solutions that manage dust, fumes, noise, stale air, heat and moisture in the most critical working environments. RVT's mission is to protect the long term health of people on site and therefore we are proud to be supporting the Breathe Freely campaign as this helps us and our staff to really connect with our 'reason for being’.


Every year, thousands of workers, through no fault of their own, are exposed to harmful substances that could cause serious lung conditions; conditions such as mesothelioma, for which the UK has the highest mortality rate in the world. This is why we are supporting the innovative Breathe Freely campaign. By working together we hope to promote healthier work places for construction workers, so that no one is put at risk of developing a lung disease simply because of their trade.


Dr Penny Woods, Chief Executive of the British Lung Foundation.



Morgan Sindall is proud to support the Breathe Freely Campaign.

For too long, occupational health has been under the radar and this campaign will help to ensure that this is no longer the case.  It is completely unacceptable that, with the advances in construction techniques, innovation and protection methods, there are still 3,500 occupational cancer deaths each year in our industry.  At Morgan Sindall, being safe and keeping healthy continues to be of paramount importance. As part of this, we promote health and well-being for everyone who works with us, and believe that no one who works on our projects should be exposed to occupational health disease. Our focus here is steadily moving us towards our goal of making 100% Safe a reality, and by working together, our industry can make a difference.

The Breathe Freely campaign will further support Morgan Sindall in ensuring that the control of workplace exposures is recognised, understood and acted upon by all those involved in our projects, including the customers and supply chain with whom we work.

Martin Worthington, SHEQ Director



Health and safety is central to everything we do at Wates Group: it influences the way we think, the way we plan, the way we behave and the way we perform. Achieving a zero harm culture where we preserve the health and safety of people who work for us, with us or are touched by what we do is a core value for us. We're pleased to back the Breathe Freely campaign, welcoming its focus on the serious occupational health issue of lung disease.

John Howell, Group Production Director, Wates


Bowmer & Kirkland fully endorse and support the aim of the Breathe Freely national campaign led by BOHS. We are committed to raising awareness and sharing best practice so we can collectively help to reduce occupational lung disease throughout the construction industry.

Mark Blundy, Group Director of Health & Safety, Bowmer & Kirkland




Carillion is one of the UK's leading integrated support services companies, with extensive construction capabilities, a substantial portfolio of Public Private Partnership projects and a sector-leading ability to deliver sustainable solutions.

We are delighted to support the Breathe Freely campaign as it closely mirrors our Health like Safety strategy, launched in 2014, which aims to have health managed with the same commitment as applied to safety. A key element of this strategy is to raise awareness of the causes of work-related ill health and disease and act to prevent or substantially reduce exposures.

 Beccy Moore - Senior IMS Manager (Lead for Occupational Health)

Supporting, understanding and improving employee health and wellbeing are of vital importance to Lend Lease. We fully support the Breathe Freely campaign, which ties into our Health & Wellbeing Framework. Reducing risk, combating health issues and looking at ways we can eliminate them sits at our core and we are passionate about supporting this campaign to drive positive change within the industry.

Martin Coyd OBE, Regional Head of Health & Safety – Europe, Lend lease


Working in a construction environment means we need to think carefully about the conditions for staff on sites. We are well aware that every year, thousands of construction workers develop not only life impacting, but life limiting and life ending respiratory disease simply because of the work they do.  Thames Tideway Tunnel is committed to changing the legacy of construction worker respiratory health.

Not only are we promoting involvement in the BOHS Breathe Freely Campaign, but we will ensure we control the exposure of our teams to work place respiratory hazards.

Sean Burgess, Occupational Health & Wellbeing Lead


Crossrail is Europe’s largest infrastructure project. Recognising the health hazards associated with the project, evaluating the risks from exposure and ensuring effective control are all part of the health and safety management programme we have in place at Crossrail. We see this as a dynamic process that requires continuous improvement and have recently commissioned research into some of the key risk and started to develop a good practice guide for the industry. We also have in place periodic review and audit to monitor the effectiveness of the programme.


Valuing the construction industry workforce by caring for their health and wellbeing is firmly embedded in the Scheme’s Code of Considerate Practice, which is why we wholeheartedly support the Breathe Freely campaign.

 We applaud BOHS for helping to prevent the needless illnesses and deaths to construction workers whose daily work can put them at high risk of contracting lung disease from exposure to invisible contaminants. By pinpointing the real hazards and controlling exposure, there is a way of preventing these debilitating and deadly conditions.The Scheme urges all construction companies, large and small, to sign up to this life-saving awareness campaign which includes practical help, advice and must-have fact sheets to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the construction workforce.

Edward Hardy

Chief Executive, Considerate Constructors Scheme



At Kier, health & safety is the top priority across our business and we take our responsibilities to our employees, clients, partners and the public seriously.

 We concentrate on tackling real, fundamental issues and have a strong focus on health & safety leadership – actively encouraging our employees to discuss the issues that matter.

Kier wholly welcomes the BOHS Breathe Freely national campaign and we value its support as we actively raise awareness of the risks of lung disease throughout the Group. Our occupational health and safety team promotes awareness of the hazards facing our site teams by supporting information days on lung disease, and we have produced a DVD to help our employees understand the risks and how to effectively control their exposure.


John Edwards, Group SHE Director, Kier



Omega Environmental Services are proud to be sponsors of the Breathe Freely Campaign.

As a licenced asbestos removal contractor we have strict procedures in place to protect people from exposure to asbestos fibres. However the Breathe Freely campaign has given us a greater appreciation of other serious construction related illnesses risks which we now focus on and continually monitor to reduce the risks.

We will actively promote and support the Breathe Freely campaign within our company and to every contractor we work with.

Kerri Ashcroft

SHEQ Director




Canary Wharf Contractors fully support the aims of the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign. We are committed to ensuring best practice, with regards to occupational lung disease, by looking for all our contractors to employ effective control measures to eliminate or reduce potential exposure.




HomeServe Membership is delighted to support the Breathe Freely Campaign. As the UKs leading home assistance company, our network of plumbing, drainage, electrical and heating maintenance specialist engineers are working 24/7 in private homes with all the risks that come from unfamiliar and uncontrolled workspaces. We already provide them with the skills to dynamically assess the home and the tools to protect their breathing, but this campaign drives home the message to each of them and to our customers.




May and Stephens Construction Recruitment is dedicated to the protection of worker health and as such is proud to support the Breathe Freely campaign, aimed at raising awareness of the causes of occupational lung disease in the construction industry. Long-term environmental concerns and awareness of health & safety are an integral part of the rigid internal training programme introduced to all of our employees and everyone associated with our business.



GKR Scaffolding Ltd are committed believers in championing and pioneering new Health, Safety and Wellbeing innovations within the Scaffolding profession and are proud winners of prestigious Health and Safety accolades, cementing our commitment to providing the healthiest and safest environments we can for our employees to work in..

We believe this to be at the core of a well-balanced fit, healthy, engaged and productive workforce.

We actively look for new ways to improve and evolve and for that reason, we whole-heartedly support  the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign which we believe is vital to raise standards and deliver significant changes within the Construction sector..




The Association for Project Safety is delighted to be supporting the Breathe Freely campaign. As a pan construction industry membership body our members work in all areas of construction but particularly the pre-construction phase of projects. It is vitally important that designers and health and safety consultants are fully aware of the risks to worker and others’ ill-health through the design phase decisions they make.

We are committed to working with the BOHS to raise awareness of the issues faced by the construction industry and those they affect and thereby reduce the incidence of occupational lung disease in the construction sector.


Rob Strange OBE FCIB C.Dir FIoD HonFIOSH

Chief Executive


VolkerWessels UK is a multidisciplinary construction company. It is our aim to prevent work related injuries and ill-health of our employees and anyone associated with our activities, whilst improving their wellbeing.

The Breathe Freely initiative brings together a collaborative force working towards a common goal through use of the BOHS HI Standard. By adopting this management standard, organisations can maintain a high level commitment to reducing occupational lung disease and deaths, and embed the right culture amongst those affected by work-related health risks.

VolkerWessels UK fully supports BOHS and Breathe Freely, and we look forward to contributing to this critical initiative.



The Erith Group work hard to improve our reputation as a responsible and sustainable company. We acknowledge the occupational health risks in the construction industry and aim to lead by example in our efforts to raise better awareness and promote best practice. Erith are proud to support the Breathe Freely campaign and we intend to encourage better wellbeing of our employees and the communities in which we operate.



We fully support BOHS led Breathe Freely campaign which aims to protect construction workers from occupational lung disease. From the statistics, we could see that a  lot of construction workers across the country die each year and some are suffering with respiratory diseases.

This initiative would encourage a large number of organisations to adopt good practice and spread awareness in the construction industry. We firmly believe that the Breathe Freely campaign will be a huge success and will be able to prevent occupational lung disease amongst the construction workforce.


“We recognise the importance of this collaborative initiative to raise awareness and ensure occupational health standards are achieved to prevent occupational lung disease within our industry.

By supporting the Breath Freely campaign we aim to continue to raise awareness of the issues faced in construction to control exposure and reduce occupational ill-health now & in the future.”


CHAS fully supports the work BOHS are doing on the Breathe Freely Campaign.


Roofing Today is the UK’s biggest circulation roofing magazine. With a total distribution across printed and digital formats of more than 22,000 readers, around half of which are contractors (many of whom are sole traders), we believe that Roofing Today magazine can play an important part in raising awareness of the risks of lung cancer and other occupational cancers in the UK roofing industry.


Through the pages of Roofing Today we can explain the risks of exposure, and provide sources of guidance on how to avoid those risks. It is time that ‘health’ as well as ‘safety’ is prioritised in the roofing industry and Roofing Today magazine is proud to support the Breathe Freely campaign.


As the lead trade body for the safety Industry, The British Safety Industry Federation is focussed on reducing and preventing any injury or disease caused to people as a result of their work. We are immensely proud of the safety record that Britain has but it is not perfect and so it is vital to support ideas such as the Breathe Freely campaign with its focus on the serious occupational health issue of lung disease. Having  awareness campaigns such as this will hopefully one day help to eradicate all harm caused to employees within the workplace.


We at Training & Testing Services wholeheartedly support the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign.

For far too long the issue of respiratory protection has been ignored across all industry sectors including the construction industry with the sad consequence of approximately 12000 deaths per year caused by respiratory illness.

We will promote the campaign on our website and at every available opportunity to try and bring an end to the early death and suffering that is caused by respiratory illness within the construction industry.



We are delighted to support the breathe freely campaign as it closely mirrors our beliefs of improving the wellbeing of our workers. At Spectrum we encourage our operatives them to take advantage of the free training that we offer to them in order to improve their awareness of the importance of a high standard of Health and Safety in industry. We aim to raise awareness of the campaign to each and every member of our workforce, and also highlight the control methods that they can use in order to combat the effects of occupational health risks.


Wayne O’Brien, Internal Health and Safety Trainer




The Faculty of Occupational Medicine strongly supports the ‘breathe freely’ campaign.  One of our core aims is ‘elimination of preventable injury and illness caused or aggravated by work’ and exposure to hazardous substances is still a major factor in ill-health of workers in the UK and across the globe.



IOM is a leading provider of health and safety solutions to industry, commerce, public sector and professional bodies. Through our research, consulting and service activities, we work with many industries, including the construction sector, to reduce exposure to harmful agents and thus minimise risks to health. We believe that occupational lung disease is largely preventable, and we are therefore delighted to support BOHS’ Breathe Freely campaign, and to work with other partners and supporters of this campaign to promote best practice in the construction sector.


Phil Woodhead, CEO, IOM




The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management is committed to supporting the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign.  We believe that our members can play a key role in raising awareness and influencing employers to minimise the health risks to those working in construction.


A professional body with over 8,000 Members, our Vision is for our Members to lead the way in managing risk, safety and health to benefit people and business.


IOSH supporter statement for BOHS Breathe Freely

IOSH is pleased to support BOHS’s initiative to cut occupational lung disease in the construction sector. We know from the No Time to Lose campaign, our own drive to tackle the 666,000 global annual deaths to work cancer, that the first step is to cast more light, focus and attention on the significant health issues with long latency effects. We look forward to working with BOHS to demystify serious occupational health issues – and help businesses better identify and control health risks for millions of construction workers.

Shelley Frost, Executive Director – Policy, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health

Safety Groups UK (SGUK) is pleased to support the BOHS  Breathe Freely campaign to help raise awareness and reduce lung disease among construction workers.

We will also promote the Breathe Freely message as we continue to deliver the overall focus on "Risks to breathing" as part of Health Risks at Work campaign in particular as we highlight this major problem area within the Construction Dust Partnership.

We wish the BOHS Breathe Freely  campaign every success in helping to bring about effective exposure control from inhalation hazards causing respiratory disease in the construction industry and fully support the message that " good occupational hygiene is good for business.

Exposure to hazardous substances that can cause respiratory disease is a serious, but often unappreciated, risk for construction workers. However, the number of workers affected can be reduced dramatically if employers adopt good practice and introduce appropriate, cost effective, control measures. Diamond Environmental Limited believes that he BOHS led Breathe Freely campaign will be a major step forward in highlighting both the risks and, very importantly, the measures that can be used to minimise them. We are proud to support the initiative.


Viridis Safety Ltd. are proud to be supporters of Breathe Freely and are supporting the campaign by providing speakers to construction safety groups across Scotland.  Our volunteer speakers are enthusiastically promoting the Breathe Freely message – “that preventing occupational lung disease in construction workers is vital in maintaining a sustainable construction industry in the UK”.

As an occupational hygiene consultancy serving organisations across Scotland, Viridis Safety will continue to support Scottish construction companies in their efforts to reduce construction worker ill-health.


Thousands of construction workers across the country die each year and more suffer serious, life-restricting health problems because of what they do for a living.  The Breathe Freely Campaign, led by BOHS, aims to reduce this preventable toll of death and disease.  Gillies Associates Limited are proud to support this Campaign and play a part in helping to reduce occupational lung disease.




As an asbestos management consultancy, Redhills is wholly committed to helping address and prevent the effects of asbestos exposure. All the work that we carry out  is driven by our purpose to keep people safe from harm therefore we feel strongly aligned with the Breathe Freely Campaign and its ambition to control exposures to prevent occupational lung disease in the construction industry.




The Wilkins Safety Group is a leading Health and Safety Consultancy and CDM Specialists. 

As a Breathe Freely Partner, the company is fully behind the aim to prevent occupational lung disease in the construction industry, and committed to raising awareness of the workers to ensure they look at health issues in the same way as they do safety. This will be done through training and talking to both management and the men on site.




OnePlanet Solutions is a provider of health and safety & environmental solutions to industry, commerce, public sector and professional bodies.


We are committed to promoting knowledge on the exposure to hazardous situations to our own staff and to our clients & to seek to minimise the risks to health and the wider environment. The BOHS Breathe Freely campaign is an important framework for the development and promotion of effective exposure control measures for hazards causing respiratory disease.


ATG Health and Safety Consultants are pleased to support the Breathe Freely campaign, and have made it a priority to continue to raise awareness amongst their construction clients of the importance in controlling workers exposure to respiratory hazards.


The Breathe Freely campaign Trade Fact Sheets are a great way to get the message across to workers – and will help them to understand the risks, and what they too can do, as individuals, to help themselves.




Gipping Occupational Health is pleased to support the Breathe Freely campaign.  We are committed to raising awareness around such a key Occupational Health issue, working with both employers and employees, through proactive and preventative programmes, to ensure risk of exposure that can result in respiratory disease is minimised.



Park Health and Safety Partnership, having worked on a number of major construction projects including London 2012, Crossrail and more recently Battersea, is pleased to  wholeheartedly support the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign. Our experience has led us to firmly believe that prevention of exposure to health hazards is both vital and possible in the construction industry. We believe that by providing practical solutions through the sharing of best practice and encouraging implementation of effective exposure control, this initiative will improve worker health into the future.



We are delighted to offer our public support to the BOHS Breathe Freely Campaign. The campaign and the associated Health in Industry Standard provides a foundation for effective management of occupational health risks in the construction industry. We endorse the adoption of these principles to all of our clients and help them aspire to achieving the Health in Industry standard. We hope this approach becomes an established norm within the construction industry - for the benefit and well-being of current and future generations of construction industry workers.



Robin Partington & Partners are delighted to support the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign and ‘be part of the solution’.

The health and wellbeing of our people is of huge importance to us and with many of our staff working on-site and alongside the construction sector, addressing workplace exposures and health hazards is a top priority.

We are fully committed to protecting our staff and the industry workers in general against the dangers of respiratory health issues through our involvement in the Breathe Freely initiative


The British Safety Council is pleased to lend its support to the Breathe Freely campaign

We will play our part to help raise awareness of the risks of occupational lung disease in the construction industry as well as the information and support available to businesses and managers. We acknowledge the determination of key stakeholders in the construction industry to tackle this issue and we are committed to working with BOHS, our members and other stakeholders to gather and disseminate good practice.

Neal Stone, acting Chief Executive of the British Safety Council



ACE Occupational Hygiene Services Limited

As the Company Director of ACE Occupational Hygiene Services Limited I would like to pledge my support to the campaign with a promise that I will endeavour to communicate the very important message it is trying to communicate at every opportunity.

Graham McPherson ACE Occupational Hygiene Services Limited


Arcus Consulting is a national multidisciplinary consultancy practice. We are fully committed to health and safety and we take our responsibility very seriously. We always strive to be at the forefront of innovation and campaigns which will lead towards a progressive, safe and healthy society.

We applaud BOHS and wholeheartedly support their Breathe Freely National Campaign as it aligns with our core business principles to drive positive change in the construction sector by reducing risks, tackling health issues and challenge the negative behavioural patterns.



Here at Cartrefi Conwy we strive to meet the best possible standards in the health, safety and welfare for both our in house staff and contractors. The Breathe Freely initiative  fits perfectly into this year’s improving health action plan and really  helps us roll out our campaign on construction related respiratory  hazards.

Richard Burrows (safety advisor)



Casella is proud to support the Breathe Freely campaign through the development of innovative exposure monitoring solutions, that will verify the effectiveness of controls or ‘nudge’ behaviour to ensure healthier outcomes for workers in the construction sector.


SKC Limited is pleased and proud to support the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign. As a global leader in occupational hygiene solutions, we firmly believe that such initiatives can help make real changes to workers’ lives, helping to raise awareness and putting worker health at the top of the agenda for the construction industry.


Wefitrpe ltd is supportive of Breathe Freely as it aims to raise awareness of respirable hazards to try and reduce lung related illness. We want to help to spread the information to help reduce the numbers of people suffering from lung conditions.

Wefitrpe ltd commits to promoting this  campaign and thus helping to spread the word about the dangers of Lung Related Illnesses.

Paul Chamberlain, Wefitrpe


Face Fit Solutions Wales and West

We often check for updates and information with the BOHS, finding it to be a great source of up to date information. The Breathe Freely campaign was brought to my attention by fellow professional Fit testers. It is perfect for the industry, and one I am pleased to support and make others aware of. 

Fantastic and keep it up !!


ISG Construction Limited have recognised that dust and other types of air pollution generated on construction projects can have a direct impact on human health to those working on or living nearby to our sites that is why we fully support BOHS with their Breathe Freely Campaign and will endeavour to eliminate where possible or reduce the levels of dust being generated by our activities by careful planning and management of our work.


R.P. Safety Services are proud to support the Breathe Freely campaign and we are committed to helping construct an industry free from lung disease by raising awareness and providing safe and beneficial solutions through design and practice.


“Environmental Essentials is pleased to fully support the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign.

Protecting our people, our clients and the wider community is central to our company vision.  Minimising the health risk to workers within the construction industry is a constant challenge for us and it is an honour to back this initiative by sharing best practice and raising awareness of harmful dusts such as asbestos.”


As a company that has raised our standards and invested in training our senior managers to ‘face fit’ our employees and subcontractors we wholeheartedly support the breath freely initiative





The British Assessment Bureau are on a mission to make sure businesses are safer and greener. Environmental Management Systems and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems help businesses operate more effectively and efficiently and  ultimately safely – resulting in a happier  healthier productive workforce. In the end, if businesses are safer, environmentally friendly and  put the employee’s health and wellbeing at the core of their values it makes for a successful business.


While extensive research over the past few years has proven that green standards and schemes, such as ISO 14001 and the BOHS Breathe Freely Campaign  have improved  communication and promotes collaborative work; all conducive to creating a more productive, safer workforce.


We’re proud to support the BOHS Breathe Freely Campaign and believe standards must continue to rise in the construction industry.



GenesisccLtd are delighted to support and promote the Breathe Freely initiative.

We are dedicated to raising awareness of occupational lung disease in construction and committed to assisting clients with the identification, assessment, control and management of health risks.



Orrion Asbestos Ltd

Silicas & Fibres kill every type of person, help us to promote our knowledge and keep safe.



Alpha Solway are a UK based manufacturer and supplier of PPE and disposable dust respirators. We are a fully supportive partner of the Breathe Freely campaign and  committed to raising awareness of, and reducing occupational lung disease in the construction sector

At Tiger Scaffolding we are passionate about the health, safety and well-being of our employees – they are the core element of our company’s strength and growth. A healthy, happy, engaged  and fit employee makes for a powerful and productive workforce. We want them to know that as their employer, we are committed to taking care of them at work.

For this reason, we are supportive of the Breathe Freely initiative aimed at raising awareness and re-educating the construction sector about the everyday risks which workers may be exposed to, and how we can eliminate and control those risks.

Mark Parkin, Managing Director, Tiger Scaffolding



Firecrest Construction Ltd, undertake to follow the six point framework of good practice as recommended by “The Health In Industry Management Standard”, namely:

Leadership & Commitment - Demonstrate that Worker Health Protection is valued;

Risk Assessment - Assess the actual risks to health from workplace activities and substances;

Competency, Training & Behaviours - Ensure that every worker is on board, is competent in, and takes ownership of, their own health risk management at work;~

Planning & Prevention - Eliminate and minimise risks to health early on: design and plan them out wherever possible;

Control - Adopt the most effective and appropriate exposure controls to prevent ill health and disease;

Programme Management - Manage Worker Health Protection all the time: over the whole site, before and throughout every project, and from the top to the bottom of the company.



Henry Boot Construction Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Henry Boot PLC, is an award winning multidisciplinary construction company, originally established in 1886, successfully delivering building, civil engineering, refurbishment and fit-out projects for a range of public and private sector clients.

The provision of a healthy working environment is one of our key objectives and we are therefore delighted to support the BOHS Breathe Freely national campaign. We are fully committed to supporting the campaigns aim of raising awareness of the causes of work-related ill health and disease, continuing to raise awareness and sharing best practice to collectively help improve wellbeing and reduce occupational lung disease within the construction industry.




5d Compliance is fully committed in there support of the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign, raising awareness and influencing all those directly & indirectly involved within the Construction Industry, reducing occupational lung disease.

Ross Gooding - 5d Compliance Ltd, Risk Management Director



We at M4 Property Solutions give our full support to the Breathe Easy campaign and we agree to adopt the standard in all our work and to encourage our clients to do so.



At No Nonsense CDM Ltd we believe good health and safety management doesn’t happen by accident.

Headed up by Mick Storey, No Nonsense CDM Ltd are based in London and provide no nonsense, down-to-earth and cost effective CDM consultancy in today’s challenging business environment.

We fully endorse the Breathe Freely Campaign to raise awareness of occupational lung disease which supports our work in helping construction clients ensure a safe and healthy working environment.



The Construction Clients’ Group is the only dedicated client body combining public and private sector clients. We promote best practice and industry improvements by enabling our members to meet and network with other leading clients in pursuit of better value.

One of our Health & Safety Working Group’s objectives is to bring the same focus to health, that safety receives and we are fully behind the Breathe Freely campaign, to prevent occupational cancers and other diseases in the construction industry and to make it a healthier place to work.


Safety Inspections and Training Ltd
Safety Inspections and Training management recognise the importance of highlighting the fatal and incapacitating effects of contaminated atmospheres. Breathe Freely is a professional and very informative portal to get the message across to all the relevant industries, that harmful dust, aerosols, vapours and gases can kill and offer ways to prevent such disabling diseases and fatalities occurring.



JCW are a Floor Screeding installation company who only use pre mixed floor screed on our projects.

We are supporting the Breathe freely campaign to raise awareness of the dangers of preventable occupational diseases site mixing screed and to highlight the respiratory problems dust exposure can cause.

We firmly believe that action is required to reduce the frightening risks of contracting occupational lung disease and respiratory problems in the construction industry.



Industrial Safety Solutions are keen supporters of the Breathe Freely and its leading role in preventing lung disease in the construction industry.

We are experts in occupational hygiene and help our clients prevent workplace ill-health from exposure to dust, chemicals, noise and vibration. By providing robust and honest advice we can help improve safety and welfare, which in turn increases trust between workers and employers. The rewards for providing a safe, supportive workplace are huge.

In order to give our clients the best advice we have to help develop and promote best practice in the industry; being active supporters of Breathe Freely is key to this.

Industrial Safety Solutions will actively communicate the Breathe Freely message to its customers and support the campaign however possible.



Ryebridge Ltd is a well established groundworks and civil engineering company with a good reputation of working for local, regional & national contractors.

The health of our dedicated workforce is our priority and we fully support the Breathe Freely campaign.

Supporting the campaign will help raise awareness of occupational lung disease within our company as well as sharing best practice and implementing effective exposure control


Validate Consulting Ltd is proud to fully support and endorse the Breathe Freely campaign.  It demonstrates the need for all parties to come together and to work towards stopping the needless early deaths of so many people.


As a provider of undergraduate and postgraduate education in Safety, Health, Environment and Occupational Hygiene the University of Greenwich is proud to be a partner of this important initiative. Through our links to industry and by educating the next generation of H&S professionals we are committed to putting the health of workers at the top of the agenda.


Full Support is committed to offering first class training, consultancy services, advice and solutions, to minimise the risk of lung disease by ensuring the adequate and suitable Respiratory Protective Equipment is selected by all of our customers. We are proud to support the Breathe Freely campaign aimed at raising awareness of the causes of lung disease amongst construction workers.


The ELAS Group has been providing Health and Safety and Occupational Health support to the construction industry for more than 20 years and we work hard to ensure our clients are doing everything they can to reduce the risks of respiratory illness for their employees. Raising awareness and promoting healthy, safe working practice is at the heart of what we do and we’re proud to support the Breathe Freely campaign.


PETRO MED is Petroleum Medical Service Company in Kurdistan Region Of Iraq that Provide all range of health services such as Occupational health, OGUK Medicals, Pre-Employment Health Assessment and all kinds of health Risk assessment.

We work to educate, train and increase awareness of all kind of Occupational Lung disease in Oil industries for both Employees and employers with the aim of decreasing the burden, effects and impact of lung disease on People, Industry, Organization and Societies.


The Breathe Freely campaign is a great initiative in raising the awareness of the dangers of dust and in providing a resource on how to effectively deal with deal with it in a positive way. As a global company, we have been promoting techniques for controlling dust effectively with high containment cyclone based extractors since 1972. Now there is a real drive to reduce occupational illness in the UK, it is refreshing to see campaigns like this further demonstrating that the construction environment can be a safe and pleasant place to work whilst retaining or even improving productivity.


Ergro Group is a multi-disciplined building services Contractor who specialise in Mechanical & Electrical, Air Conditioning, Building & Fit-out, Installation, Service & Maintenance.

“Having delivered within the construction industry for 25 years, Ergro take pride in embracing the continuous improvement of Health & Safety standards in construction, and never underestimate the importance of the sometimes silent ‘H’ in H&S.

Occupational lung disease is something which we, along with our fellow employers, MUST take seriously, as any risk to the health of our operatives, stakeholders and other supply chain members can be reduced if we work together to raise awareness and raise standards. Support Breathe Freely!”

- Lesley Quinn, Ergro QSHE Director



HSL believes that managing health at work needn’t be any more challenging or expensive than managing safety, yet when it comes to prioritising workplace risk, health usually takes second place. There is much that we can do to prevent work related ill health and the impact it has not only on the individual, but also those closest to them, their workplace and, ultimately, wider society.

We advocate a ‘Complete Worker Health Solutions’ approach and a strong basis of good workplace risk management that integrates wellbeing. This brings about not only a happier, healthier and more productive workforce, but also makes good business sense and further enhances organisational performance.



Moldex is a leading manufacturer of hearing and respiratory products. We are proud to support the Breathe Freely Campaign and are fully committed to manufacturing good quality products, and to continuing to educate on the importance of wearing the correct RPE.



Airborne Environmental Consultants Ltd (AEC) is an independent health & safety consultancy, entering our 20th year. We offer training, consultancy and management services for asbestos, Legionella, occupational hygiene, water hygiene, soils, health & safety and fire safety.


With extensive practical training facilities and UKAS-accredited laboratories in the north and south we have national and overseas coverage and experience. We offer a wide range of training courses, including the full range of BOHS asbestos courses.


We provide highly-trained technical staff to operate on projects for our clients to achieve their workplace safety and environmental goals, including advising on the most appropriate actions for controlling exposures to minimise the risk of occupational lung disease.



J. Murphy & Sons Limited is a leading global, multi-disciplined engineering and construction company, providing a wide range of services to infrastructure sectors including rail, water, power, and natural resources. As such, the company directly employs over 3,500 engineers, professional managers and skilled operatives, with health and safety fundamental to our business ethics and practices


The BOHS Breathe Freely campaign is laudable, we support this campaign and encourage all those in the construction industry to prioritise the health of workers and promote best practice by working together.


John Kinirons, Murphy SHESQ director


V-TÜF is committed to eliminating dust through the development of innovative, efficient tools and methods for the construction industry.

We feel compelled to support the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign because of the passion and energy with which they are combating the root causes of serious respiratory diseases.

Giving the Breathe Freely Campaign our full support also reinforces our values:

EDUCATE – Understand, teach and be taught.

INNOVATE – Achieve new solutions through collaboration.

ERADICATE – Effectively remove causes of respiratory disease.



Vedoni Limited is pleased to support the BOHS  Breathe Freely campaign to help raise awareness and reduce lung disease among construction workers.

As a business we strive to source and develop “Wetting” & “Lock Down” coating solutions that will reduce the risks associated with Silica dust and Asbestos fibres.

We would like to wish the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign every success in helping to bring about effective exposure control from inhalation hazards causing respiratory disease in the construction industry.

Ben Colbourne, Director




Armorgard is proud to be a strong supporter of the Breathe Freely campaign.

We are a leading manufacturer for secure storage and logistical products on site, and part of our key focus going forward is to ensure the safety of the workforce is further enhanced, in particular when working with and around dust.

Breathe Freely is an excellent campaign, designed to provide guidance, tools and resources that facilitate the recognition, evaluation and control of workplace exposures, leading to the implementation of a recognised managements standard.




We are proud to support the Breathe Freely Campaign and aim to promote the importance of protecting workers respiratory systems with our Clients and their contractor supply chain to collectively help to reduce occupational ill health throughout the Construction Industry.

We are committed to engage with the campaign and highlight the issues to our partners across the construction industry.

WSP Safety Ltd are one of the UK’s foremost independent CDM/Construction Health and Safety Consultancies. We co-ordinate and manage all aspects of construction Health & Safety, from project design through to completion.




Prohms is pleased to support Breathe Freely campaign in its drive to tackle occupational lung diseases.  Occupational lung diseases are a major source of ill health in the workplace and tackling this is a major importance.

As an occupational health provider we are constantly looking to improve our services and support our clients in helping to ensure the health and wellbeing of the workforce, and we understand the impact occupational asthma has on people’s lives not just for the individual suffering but the family too.

We believe that supporting organisations like breath freely to educate and advise people on the risks and controls will help to significantly reduce the ill health effects on the workforce




Jenco Civil Engineering is proud to support the BOHS Breathe Freely Campaign.


We are committed to protecting our staff and contractors from the dangers that lead to occupational illness and are pleased to help raise awareness of the Breathe Freely Campaign in order to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases to operatives across the construction industry.




At Gilpin Demolition Group, we are proud to support the Breath Freely Campaign to raising awareness of the challenges associated with work related ill-health and disease within our industry. It is important to us that as an industry we come together to tackle these shared issues and promote best practice, to reduce exposure and risks to health.




Lighthouse Safety Training is proud to support and fully endorse the efforts of the BOHS led Breathe Freely campaign.

For too long, lip service and denial has been the approach taken by many towards industry related lung disease. We all have the right to breath freely and not suffer the consequences of working in environments that harbour or produce airborne contaminants.

Throughout our many training courses and consultancy services, we strive to demonstrate our passion to educate and achieve workforce commitment towards effective compliance, by raising awareness of the associated problems and the interventions options available.



Lucas Group is one of the UK construction industry's leading specialist fit-out and finishing contractors. Whilst we are a nationally recognised specialist, our geographic location covers London and the South East where we have the privilege of being engaged on many iconic London landmark projects. Involvement in such prestigious projects places many expectations upon us, hence is it paramount to our success that we place a high importance on maintaining both the health and the safety of our workforce. It is for this reason we are proud to support the BOHS-led Breathe Freely campaign, as it seeks to achieve only the very best standards within the industry.





Szerelmey are one of the largest and oldest stonework and restoration contractors in the UK. We are constantly striving to reduce hazards in the workplace and to create a communicative, positive health and safety culture.

Exposure to silica dust is a key issue in the stone industry so we are delighted to be supporting the Breathe Freely campaign. This will support and enhance our internal health and safety commitment “Think First, Be Safe”, which aims to raise awareness of key industry-specific occupational health and safety issues. We hope that campaigns such as this drive positive change across the construction industry.




DustScanAQ wholeheartedly support the BOHS Breathe Freely Initiative. As dust and air quality experts we understand the importance of monitoring and assessing exposure to harmful aerosols in the construction (and all) industry. Our understanding of dust and fine particle chemistry and physics help us advise on exposure assessment, management and control in indoor and outdoor environments.

DustScanAQ are an independent, environmental consultancy firm specialising in dust, air quality and workplace exposure assessment and mineral and chemical analyses. Our team of scientific consultants include BOHS members who spread the Breath Freely Campaigns message to our clients from all industries.




Leiths is a multi-disciplined organisation specialising in Quarrying, Surfacing, Civil Engineering, Demolition including the supply of Asphalt, Ready-mix Concrete and Pre-cast products. We are proud to support the Breathe Freely campaign and are fully committed to ensuring our workforce go home healthy as well as safe.

Our philosophy is to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees, contractors and visitors.  With many occupational diseases within our industry we want to tackle these diseases by raising awareness and promoting a healthier working environment for all.





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